This is the story of a little girl who went on a big plane. Well, actually a little plane—a sleek gray Pilatus PC-12 from Tradewind Aviation, to be exact.

We followed along for the ride to see what it’s like to fly to St. Barth as a four-year-old. Sure, it’s great flying private when you’re a grown up, but it’s even better when you’re a toddler. Forget standing in line; here you are ushered to a private lounge at the San Juan airport, where there are lots of snacks and magazines.

And we all know what a pain it is to go through security and take your shoes off. Not here—the pilots give everyone on the flight extra-special attention. And when you’re 4, they’ll even let you sit in the front row, so that you can get the best inflight entertainment ever: a view of the pilots flying the jet.  

Join us as we follow along with this little girl on her very exciting journey.