There are countless reasons why flying with Tradewind Aviation is the way to travel for business or pleasure both this year and the next. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5.

1.     The Perks of a Private Charter for the Price of a Single Seat

Though private charters are available throughout the U.S. and Caribbean, chartering a private plane is not the only way to fly Tradewind. Travelers also have the option of reserving a single seat aboard a scheduled private shuttle, offering a private flying experience for a fraction of the cost. You fly when you need to, by paying for a ticket when you need it—it’s that simple.

2.     Private Terminal/ FBO Lounge

Drive your car right onto the exclusive private tarmac for Tradewind flyers. There isn’t much waiting that happens before your flight, but you can do it in comfort and ease in a convenient FBO lounge just feet from your aircraft. 

3.     No TSA Delays

Consider those dreaded TSA lines and regular airport delays a thing of the past. Skip the crowds, fumbling to find your tickets and ID’s, and the unnecessary stress that comes with flying commercial. Tradewind takes you from point A to point B without any of the distractions.

4.     Flexible Tickets/ Terms  

Tradewind gives you the ability to interchange your shuttle tickets with friends, family, or colleagues. Any changes made to your itinerary are free, and if you have to cancel or don’t use a ticket, they don’t expire.

5.     Parking and Ground Transportation

Avoid the hassle trying to find parking in a garage, then making the long walk to the terminal when flying commercial. Tradewind offers free parking at the FBO, and a rental car or black car pickup planeside when you land at your destination.