Whether frequent fliers use private aviation for business meetings, leisure trips, or the occasional adventure, booking a private charter shouldn’t be complicated. That’s the idea behind Tradewind Aviation’s recently unveiled Goodspeed card charter program — which stands out from conventional private charter services with a simplified pricing solution and significant cost savings.

Free of initiation fees, membership fees, peak day surcharges, and blackout dates, Tradewind’s new pre-purchase flight card offers discounts between 20 and 30 percent over comparable programs, in large part due to the company’s ability to leverage its internal fleet of Pilatus PC-12s. As a direct operator of its flights, Tradewind Aviation has operational efficiencies that it passes along to its customers in the form of cost savings.


“The Pilatus PC-12 is a very efficient aircraft, offering similar performance to a King Air 350 at significantly less operational cost,” says David Zipkin, Vice President of Tradewind Aviation. He adds, “Our mission is to provide the safety and quality of service that is normally found only on larger jets for a fraction of the cost. The Pilatus PC-12 is a proven performer on short and medium range flights and we’re thrilled to offer the largest fleet of on-demand PC-12s in North America.”

While charter pricing is usually calculated based on the total flight time required to accomplish a trip (including plane repositioning and empty legs), Tradewind’s occupied rate program bases the cost solely on the flight time of a client’s trip. According to Zipkin, the response since the flight card’s launch has been exceedingly positive.


“We have always offered a very attractive charter product, but traditional pricing can be difficult to understand and the effective hourly rate can vary from route to route,” he explains. “With the new program, empty legs are included, which offers predictability of pricing and flexibility to fly anywhere in the region for a flat hourly rate.”

As with Tradewind’s other programs, the Goodspeed card conveniently services sought-after regions in the Northeast and the Caribbean, including smaller airports that are only accessible by the versatility of the Pilatus PC-12s, such as the landing strips on Fishers Island, Montauk, and Provincetown.


Available in three tiers to accommodate different flyer needs, the program’s savings begin at only 10 hours of private charter flight time. And with airport and landing fees also included, clients will never be surprised with hidden costs.

The benefits of the Goodspeed card don’t end with Pilatus PC-12 charter flights. Members can also take advantage of 30 percent discounts on day trips, 10 percent discounts on shuttle routes throughout the Northeast and the Caribbean, and 5 percent discounts on charter transfer throughout North America via the company’s fleet of Citation CJ3 jets. Add to that the luxury perks that all Tradewind clients enjoy — such as streamlined security, private gate entrance, exclusive FBO lounges, and complimentary on-board snacks and drinks — and Goodspeed card holders can expect a smooth transfer each and every time they fly.

To learn more about the Goodspeed Card Charter Program, please visit the Tradewind Aviation jet card program page.