From first booking to final arrival, the fundamental premise of private aviation is to make the travel process as quick and convenient as possible. Upholding this promise, Tradewind offers frequent fliers the added benefit of booking trips with pre-paid, destination-specific ticket books. Allowing for extra flexibility even beyond the normal perks of flying private, these flight vouchers are available for each scheduled shuttle service to Stowe, Boston, New York, and Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard.

Here’s what you need to know about these popular offerings unique to Tradewind:

1. Unprecedented Value

A pay-per-seat pricing structure ensures Tradewind’s scheduled private shuttles are already the most affordable on the market. Ticket books further enhance the savings, allowing commuters who frequent one destination to purchase 10 or more discounted tickets in advance.

Shuttles to Stowe, New York, or Boston, for example, will run as low as $250 per leg (pre-tax) for passengers who purchase in a book of tickets. Compare this to the industry’s widespread membership model, which requires fliers to pay a hefty annual fee ranging anywhere from $10,000 up through the six digits. 

2. Flexible Flight Options

Annual fee models often leave their members with inconvenient restrictions, like black outs during peak times and limiting bookings to only 4 one-way flights at a time.

Tradewind’s ticket books flip the script, allowing travelers to book unlimited flights in advance while also offering a host of flight times to accommodate busy schedules. Flights from New York to Boston, for instance, take off eight times each day—specifically designed for commuters who want to maximize (or minimize) their time at their destination.


3. Friendly Booking Terms

Tradewind passengers can breathe easy if their meetings get rescheduled or plans are changed. Completely interchangeable with no cancellation fees, itineraries reserved through ticket books can easily be revised or rescheduled up to 3 hours before departure for Boston routes, 24 hours before for Caribbean, Stowe, and Deerfield Valley routes, and 48 hours before for Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard. Think of it as added flexibility for the leisure traveler and peace of mind for the business commuter.

4. Priority Access

Ticket book holders receive reservation priority over those booking single flights at a time. This gives them first pick on days of peak travel, be it ski competitions in Stowe, 4th of July in Nantucket, or high-profile events in Boston.

5. Family-Friendly Ticket Sharing

Conventional private aviation memberships are restricted to one person, meaning families would have to pay for multiple memberships in order to fly together on private. Such is not the case with Tradewind, which lets ticket book holders share their tickets with any friend or family member for any scheduled flight. Ten tickets, in other words, are enough for a round trip ski vacation to Vermont for a family of five—pet included. 

6. Booking Well in Advance or Last Minute

It’s no coincidence that ticket books are especially popular among regular business commuters. In addition to the savings amassed by purchasing tickets in bulk—be it 10 or 50 plus—ticket books are redeemable at any time as long as seats are available on the flight.

Simply put, commuters can reserve their travels a month in advance for pre-scheduled meetings, or book the night before when last-minute obligations arise. It’s an easy way to manage variable schedules, not to mention the booking process itself is exceedingly simple—ticket book holders are exempt from ever re-entering payment information.